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Famous People Who Used the Method

Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas Jefferson, Donald Rumsfeld, Charles Dickens, Michael S. Dell, Benjamin Franklin

Famous Quotes

Elias Canetti:
Our pride in standing consists in feeling independent and needing no support. Whether the memory of the first time one stood alone as a child contributes to this, or the sense of our superiority to animals, hardly any of whom by nature stand unsupported on two legs, the fact remains that a man who is stranding feels confident and self-sufficient.

General Instructions

Standing desks have positive impact on both physical health and productivity. For most people the standing position is not fully relaxed, which makes them more focused and prevents from distractions.

If you have problems with backbone or legs, you may check with doctor if you are allowed to use the standing desk.

Both sitting and standing positions have some drawbacks, and there are professional deceases associated with either of both working positions. In order to minimize the negative consequences of the standing pose, you should change pivot feet, use treadmills, footrests, and not to stand still for a long time.

For many of us there are some psychological barriers to start using a standing desk. It is generally accepted that standing pose is not for the serious office work, however in reality after several weeks of standing desk use you get accustomed to it.

Most likely during the first days of using the standing desk you will have serious discomfort or even pain. Once you feel the discomfort, you should change pose to the sitting one, and return to the standing position only when you are ready for that. In that way during the first days you will be standing for several hours a day only. With time this number can be increased significantly.

If you work mainly on a computer, position it from the very beginning so that it is accessible from the standing pose only. Otherwise the laziness may quickly lead to avoidance of the standing pose at all. Non-computer work or relaxation may be performed in a sitting position where you can use paper documents or even tablets/smartphones.

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Necessary Tools

Standing desk or trademill desk

Recommended Tools


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